F-35 Nato Fighter Jets Practice North: Newest Stealth Aircraft Over Iceland


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As part of NATO's Northern Lightning operation, Italian air forces deployed F-35 fighter jets for maneuvers over Iceland for the first time. It should be an "airspace surveillance mission" and important training.

Overall, should six F-35A Lightning II from Amendola ensure "maintaining the integrity of NATO's airspace and strengthening surveillance of Iceland's airspace" for three weeks.

The responsible Task Force Air (TFA) of the 32nd Squadron was set up at Keflavik Air Base. These are not only fighter pilots, but also technical and logistical personnel as well as aviation officers of the Commando Renatico Poggio Air Operations.

In coordination with Icelandic security forces, the F-35A fighter jets will train various aspects of air defense.

The transfer of the F-35A to this remote Nordic region was also part of the exercise. It also other aircraft were used, such as the KC -767 tanker.

Italy had already participated in maneuvers on Iceland four times since 2013 – but always with Eurofighters. The maneuvers are carried out regularly by NATO and coordinated by the Allied Air Command headquarters in Ramstein, Germany.

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