Erdogan speaks at UN General Assembly: Nuclear power must be either forbidden for all or free for all


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President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the United Nations (UN) General Assembly in his speech, "Nuclear power should be prohibited for all or free for all," he said.

Speaking at the United Nations (UN) General Assembly, Erdoğan's statements are as follows:

* Today, it is obvious that neither rights nor responsibilities are shared properly in our world. The institution we are in now is established to eliminate this injustice after the Second World War. Today, however, the international community loses its ability to produce solutions to problems threatening the future, such as terrorism and climate change.

* I repeat in the presence of you. The world is bigger than 5. It is time to change our minds, our institutions, our rules. The existence of nuclear power countries and countries that do not have them alone is enough to disrupt the balance of the world. It is significant that those who possess nuclear weapons threaten those who do not have nuclear weapons. Let's solve this problem on the basis of justice for a peaceful future. Nuclear power must either be banned for all or free for all.

* It is time to end the Syrian crisis. Turkey is a country suffering most from the threat of Dease.

* Today, Turkey is a country located in the world's top humanitarian aid compared to national income. We host 5 million asylum seekers. In Turkey, the population has more asylum seekers from the individual all 29 states in the United States. So right now, half of the New York city population is hosting our Syrian brother in our lands. We spent $ 40 million. So is there anything coming to Turkey? The support from the European Union, which is not our national income, is now € 3 billion. 365 thousand of the asylum seekers who came to our country returned to the regions where we made it safe. Where? Jarabulus to. Half of the Syrian refugees are under 18 and the number of those born in our country has reached 500 thousand.

* We do not only provide accommodation, education, health, all of them. We've forgotten millions of innocents very quickly. Aylan baby forgot the world very quickly. Remember, one day, the same situation can happen to you. Because Aylan is not one of the baby, but millions … We have to take precautions against all this. In the first 8 months of this year, we saved 32,000 irregular migrants from drowning in the seas. We have sent 58,000 irregular migrants back to their countries. Despite this, we have 5 million oppressed in our lands. We left these studies alone. In Syria, there has been no return to places under the control of the regime or the PKK. It was only return to the region to render Turkey's secure.

* Turkey's what more there is the possibility to meet the new wave of migration nor tolerate. Everyone in this regard, I urge you to support Turkey's efforts.

* Another important issue is the elimination of the PKK / YPG structure in the east of Euphrates. Unless all terrorist organizations are looked at from the same distance, we cannot find a solution to this problem. We are working on establishing a safe zone with the US. Our intention is primarily to establish a peace corridor to ensure the resettlement of 2 million Syrians. When this safe zone is declared, we can place 1.5-2 million Syrian immigrants here. Turkey can not handle it alone.

* If we can reduce the depth of this region to Deyr-ez Zor – Raqqa line, we can increase the number of Syrians from other parts of Europe to 3 million. We are organizing an international conference with the participation of Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan under the leadership of our country. We also value the success of the global refugee forum. We also think that a UN-led donors' conference can be organized.

* The Mediterranean basin faces further problems. The Cyprus issue could not be resolved due to the irreconcilable attitude of the Greek Cypriot side. Turkey is the guarantor in Cyprus, Greece is the guarantor is the guarantor England. It is clear that those who say that the Cyprus problem can be solved with zero guarantees are malicious.

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