Electoral Arm in Israel, Saudi Arabia Joins US Mission, Storm Damage to the Railway


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News Summary: Next stalemate after general election in Israel; Saudi Arabia joins US mission in Persian Gulf; Ocean Viking again takes boat people aboard; Many storm damage at the railway; Record attempt ends fatally

Sputnik will soon show you what happens at night to Wednesday has happened.

Next stalemate after parliamentary elections in Israel

After the parliamentary elections in Israel, according to media reports, a stalemate between the Likud party of right-wing conservative Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Middle Alliance blue-white. The Likud and blue-and-white of ex-military chief Benny Gantz come after count of more than 90 percent of the vote to 32 seats, as Israeli media reported this morning.

Saudi Arabia joins US mission in the Persian Gulf

Saudi Arabia joins the International Maritime Security Coalition in the Gulf region. This was announced by the state news agency SPA today, citing the Ministry of Defense of the country. The US-led military mission has the mission of escorting commercial ships on the international trade routes in the Persian Gulf, the Gulf of Oman, the Strait of Hormuz and the Bab al-Mandab Strait, and protecting them from possible encroachments.

Ocean Viking again takes boat people aboard

The rescue vessel Ocean Viking has taken 109 boat people on board in its new mission in the Mediterranean. First, 48 people were rescued just under 100 kilometers north of the Libyan coast from a wooden boat in distress, said the aid organization SOS Méditerranée on Twitter. Later, 61 people were rescued from a rubber dinghy, as MSF announced. The Italian Coast Guard saved according to own data in the last night 90 boat refugees.

Many storm damage at the railway

The consequences of a storm continue to cause problems for the railways, especially in northern Germany. Fallen trees must be removed from the tracks and overhead lines repaired. In addition, many trains and employees are not where they should have started their service today. Yesterday evening, hundreds of travelers were stranded. 200 passengers had to stay overnight in Hannover in two trains, others had to wait for hours.

Record attempt ends fatally

A record attempt with a racing boat has taken a deadly end for three people off the coast of Venice. Her boat raced in the evening near a harbor against cliffs, tweeted the fire department. Three bodies had been recovered from the submerged cabin, another human had gone overboard and been injured.

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