'Do not enter the Mediterranean monk seal bedroom' call


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Mediterranean Seal Seal Group (AFAG) Coordination Committee Chairman Cem Orkun Kıraç, called the house of the Mediterranean monk seal dives in the cliffs of Antalya made a research dive. Kirac, tour boats, fishermen, kayakers and citizens floating in cliffs, "caves Mediterranean monk seal bedroom, do not enter here," he said.

Muratpaşa Municipality, TED Antalya College and Underwater Research Association (SAD) signed a protocol for the protection of the Mediterranean monk seal classified as 'critically threatened species'.

Within the scope of the protocol, Cem Orkun Kıraç, Chairman of the AFAG Board and divers of the association, conducted research dives in the caves in cliffs. Cem Orkun Kirac viewing the caves, gave information about the Mediterranean monk seals.

Noting that the society does not have enough information about the Mediterranean monk seal, Kıraç said that they explained the threats against the monk seal.

The only place where the monk seals intertwined with human Kirac stressed that the cliffs, more than 750 world and in Turkey said they think he lives up to the 100 Mediterranean monk seals.


Stating that the main threats to the Mediterranean monk seal are not only hunting and deliberate killings, Cem Orkun Kıraç said, ası The shrinkage of living spaces in the last 20 years is the main element that threatens this type of withdrawal from living spaces because they are disturbed in their homes. It is not right to consciously enter the caves anyway. and caves of the Mediterranean monk seals bedroom.

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