Deputy Speaker of the Yemeni Parliament: We are not against a state in the south on condition


“ We solved the southern problem through the National Dialogue Conference in 2014, '' said Abdul Aziz al-Jabbari, deputy speaker of the Yemeni parliament, and an adviser to President Hadi. '' We agreed on the equitable distribution of power between North and South and the equitable distribution of wealth and power. And international laws.

Al-Jabbari said in an interview with "Sputnik" to be published later, that talking about the demands of southerners to secede in absolute is inaccurate, and that there is a percentage of the people of the southern provinces have views and demands, but in the Yemeni framework, pointing out that we are with Yemen as a federal state of six regions, and today The bulk of the southerners are with Yemen and its security and stability after they saw the actions of the Allies and some of their supporters in Yemen.

The deputy speaker pointed out that the southern issue is "a Yemeni issue that we can solve in our own way, and no one has the right to interfere in solving such internal problems. There are internal problems in all Arab countries and neighboring countries, similar to the problems in Yemen. Many countries such as Iraq, Syria, Libya and even Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates themselves, there are problems and voices have a say in the state and form, and if we accept this logic that the right of another country to come to another country and fragmented, will not stabilize a country in the world.

"We live in a world governed by international and regional laws and charters. What is happening by the UAE today is interference in internal affairs that we cannot accept," Jabari said.

Al-Jabbari pointed out that the outcome of the dialogue is still the basis on which to build. "If there are other demands to solve other problems, it is OK to add and accept them and work to resolve them. There are some voices in legitimacy ready to reach that the right of any geographical area and that A referendum will be held, and if the people of the South decide to have an independent state in accordance with international law and norms, there is no objection, but that a state comes and imposes on us destructive and partition projects, which is unacceptable and the Yemenis can solve their problems.

"We are not against dialogue, we went with the Houthis in many consultations and negotiations," he said. "We support the establishment of proper relations between countries without diminishing the sovereignty of any of them. We are clear that there can be no peace in Yemen before the return of institutions and the use of the constitution and the law." We want a solution for Yemen with the neighboring countries and a solution inside Yemen. The state should be the owner of the arms control and it is the one who has used it. We support peace with the Houthis or the transitional party or any party that leads to a return. "Security and stability to Yemen.

On August 11, the Saudi Foreign Ministry invited the legitimate Yemeni government and the Southern Transitional Council to hold a meeting following the council's takeover of the interim capital Aden, including government headquarters, army camps and the presidential palace.

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