Commander Salami's response to the statement of three European countries about the attack on Aramco


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Response of the Commander-in-Chief to the statement made last night by three European countries: Europeans have made a false accusation against Iran without any evidence.

Maj. Gen. Hussein Salami, commander of Iran's Corps on the sidelines of the Thirty-Second Annas celebration with pundits in response to a statement by three European nations in New York accusing Iran of involvement in the attack. Aramco Oil Refinery in Saudi Arabia

Said: The fact that the leader of the revolution said that the Europeans are no less than the Americans is, today it has fully manifested itself and the Europeans have imputed a false and groundless accusation to Iran without any evidence. .

Salami added: "If you want to make Europe and the US right, some European countries, especially the three countries that have always been at the forefront of the Iranian nation, and the Americans are lying and saying lies."

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