China to double troop numbers in Hong Kong


China has doubled its troop numbers in Hong Kong in an undisclosed manner, the most controversial move Beijing has taken so far to counter the potential for further unrest in the global financial center.

Foreign diplomats and security chiefs said China last month moved thousands of troops across the border into the troubled city, which has been ravaged by protests since June, Reuters reported on Monday.
Xinhua described the operation as a routine "change" of the simple force China has maintained in Hong Kong since the city was taken from Britain in 1997.

Seven heads of consular missions from Asia and the West told Reuters a month later that they were certain that the deployment in late August was not a shift at all but a boost.

Three mission chiefs said the number of Chinese military personnel in Hong Kong had more than doubled since the start of anti-government protests in June. They estimated the number of Chinese military to be between 3,000 and 5,000 in the months before the buildup, and put the number at 10. Thousands and 12 thousand now.

The mission chiefs believe that China has massed its largest workforce so far in Hong Kong, consisting of the Chinese People's Liberation Army and other riot police and equipment.

She pointed out, "Reuters" to say five of the heads of consular missions, that the reinforcement includes elements of the People's Armed Police, a paramilitary force to riot and internal security has a separate command from the leadership of the Chinese People's Liberation Army.

According to "Reuters", so far people in Hong Kong do not know the existence of the People's Armed Police on the island, and explained that it has not received questions to the Ministry of National Defense of China, the People's Liberation Army in Hong Kong, and the Information Office of the State Council of China, And the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office.

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