'Candle Incident': Israel's nuclear test that the US covered


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Israel conducted a nuclear test in Prince Edward Islands in 1979, located between South Africa and Antarctica. The Carter Administration was aware of the explosion, but preferred to silence it.

According to a recent article in Foreign Policy magazine, September 22, 1979 Israel conducted the nuclear test of a hydrogen bomb in Prince Edward Islands, located in southern South Africa. The American satellite recorded an explosion, also known as Candle Incident, but the US president, Jimmy Carter, chose to remain silent.

In his diary, the 39th US president first describes "the signs of a nuclear explosion," and adds that on February 27, 1980, American scientists "are increasingly certain that Israelis conducted a nuclear test in the nearby ocean. from the southern tip of Africa. "
To officially cover up the event, Washington formed in 1980 a commission of eight scientists who officially concluded that "the signal of September 22 it was probably not due to a nuclear explosion"The US authorities had serious reasons for such behavior.
If Carter had admitted that a nuclear test had occurred, he would have been forced to apply sanctions to Israel, a country not authorized by the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Foreign Policy notes that "the Carter Administration was so afraid of implementing the Partial Prohibition Treaty of Nuclear Tests against Israel that it did everything possible to silence the facts that evidenced an essay."

The other reason was that, if the truth had come to light, the recently agreed peace between Israel and Egypt would have remained in the tightrope.

The politics of the ignorance On the Israeli nuclear armament it continued with the later governments of the USA, whether they were from the Republican or Democratic side, and Israel's nuclear potential, never officially confirmed, remains a secret to this day.

'Uncle Sam' hides Israel's bombs under the carpet

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