Buenos Aires hosts international oil and gas show


BUENOS AIRES (Sputnik) – The XII International Exhibition of Oil and Gas, takes place between September 23 and 26 in the Argentine capital with the participation of 450 companies in the sector in order to present technological developments and promote agreements and new contracts around the hydrocarbons market, some exhibitors commented.

"We have participated in exhibitions around the world, but it is the first time we have come to Argentina," Alexander Yakovlev, international sales commercial director of the Russian state corporation United Engine Corporation (UEC), told Sputnik.

This company is key in the sector as it belongs to Rostec, the Russia's largest industrial consortium which in turn brings together 700 companies and employs one million people, Yakovlev reported.

                    Sputnik / Ana Delicado Palacios

UEC stand at the XII International Exhibition of Oil and Gas in Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Our company also encompasses several Russian companies that produce gas turbines for all types of manufacturing, including space, marine and civil and military aviation applications," the UEC executive said.
The Russian company It has a contractual link with Transportadora del Gas del Sur (TGS), the largest gas marketing company in Latin America, to which UEC supplied the engine of an industrial gas turbine for a compressor plant located in Indio Rico, in the south of the province of Buenos Aires.

Within the framework of the Argentina Oil & Gas Expo 2019, the Russian consortium has also entered into "negotiations with other electricity generation companies and the oil sector, with the aim of promoting our products, showing our presence in the market and getting potential customers" , said the commercial director.

Specifically, "we are talking about the installation of several power plants in Argentina with Russian equipment", revealed the director of UEC.

With the certainty that it is not yet well known in the region, UEC relies on the experience of other businessmen in its country of origin, in the embassy of the Russian Federation and in the commercial representation of this country in Buenos Aires to enter the local market.

The exhibition, which takes place at the La Rural property located in the Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires, allows you to interact with most of the clients offered by the oil and gas sector.
After learning about the operation of several local companies, Yakovlev highlighted how direct Argentines are when exchanging ideas and completing projects, "not like in other countries where you can talk for years and have nothing."

In that aspect "Argentina is fast, the equipment is bought and there are not so many referrals," he said.

Both in the oil and gas sample and in the local offices of different clients, UEC interacts these days with multiple companies in the sector, "so the main objective is that these conversations go well, show what is happening in the market and publicize our products, because we are competitive in both technique and price, "said Yakovlev.

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