British Labor Party: We can resolve the issue of leaving the union in 6 months


the world.

LONDON (Reuters) – If he takes office, the opposition Labor Party will be able to reach a "reasonable" deal to exit the European Union within three months, hold a second referendum on the deal or stay in the bloc within six months, a draft statement showed.

"After three years of shameful Conservative negotiations and a parliamentary crisis, any government led by the Labor Party will be able to resolve the issue of Brexit in one way or another within six months of taking office," the draft statement, published by Reuters, said.

The statement has yet to be submitted to the party's annual conference in the coastal city of Brighton for approval.

The statement added that the Labor government "will reach a reasonable agreement with the European Union to exit within three months and put it to the people in a referendum with the option of remaining in the bloc within six months."

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