Bilal Erdogan: In this country, no one questioning being a freemason, we should not leave the square to others


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Turkey Youth NGOs Platform (TGSP) Board Member Bilal Erdogan, "We have to focus disclose who abused young people, Nobody questions that masons in this country, do not leave the square, we have to others," he said.

Turkey Youth NGOs Platform (TGSP) Board Member Bilal Erdogan, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Nihat Zeybekci Congress and the second held in Aegean Region by TGSP Cultural Center on Nonprofits in his speech at the Consultative Meeting, a variety of different areas of NGO representatives from 10 provinces expressed that it is pleasing to see the work.

Erdogan said that the youth sector, which can be reached by NGOs in the conservative line, is far below 10 percent of the youth. "Therefore, it is not possible to make large mass transportation through dormitories, scholarships and courses. The capacity of all foundations, associations and dormitories is 60 thousand and 65-70 thousand for the stone roof. he said.

Erdoğan stated that he knew that many nationally active TGSP member foundations and associations had serious financial difficulties. Let's do things, "he said.


Erdoğan underlined the necessity of enriching the activities and gave an example of beri Sport Development Guide in NGOs ı prepared by TGSP Sports Commission.

"We have to be present in sports. Because if you are going to work on youth, since encouraging young people to sport is the right thing, we will be in sport since the youth is concentrated in the sport.

There are associations of such and such diseases in Turkey, he has the foundation of a certain disease. You see, the organizations that are completely formed by the Freemasons, the organizations of doctors related to their own trade. We don't have any patients. Why are health-related, to support them with patients associations, foundations established by Muslims until today religious people in Turkey? Unfortunately, there are a few associations, foundations, we see that we are very weak.
Erdogan pointed out that the way of reaching out to the young people would be to determine where they are doing and to carry out activities in that field. Whatever social sensitivity is on the agenda today, these are all issues that we have to claim as a requirement of our faith.
So when it should be no religious people in Turkey until environmentalists have tried to beating us from the environment. It is trying to be left out of the Muslim people of honor in Turkey under suspicion. How do we, as Muslims, ingest such a beating? Fighting it is not just lying on our ears, pretending not to exist. Then we'll go out, and here we'll make our voices about child abuse, and we'll be the one who protests the loudest. If the environmental massacre is being done in a place we must be the loudest objection, "he said.


Erdoğan said that some circles tried to remove young people from various foundations and associations by attaching different handles to them. We need to make a sound on these issues, we need to leave the square to others.

Lighthouses in Turkey, while very successful businesses, a joint operation of Feton and German intelligence that serious a file prepared to go to escape transfers Erdogan, "This we must not allow to contaminate such incident at or calumny. We must defend the peace of mind in the cool things about our organization. Even though inside one wrong people confuses, makes a mistake, it is his fault. With this, an institution should not be left under suspicion, "he said.
Erdoğan continued: Hala There is still a serious section that thinks that imam orators only provide religious education and compares them to the weakest madrasas in the 19th century. Şöyle

"Today, imam orators received many awards at TEKNOFEST held the other day. There have been imam orator teams that have defeated the teams of METU and ITU in various parts of Anatolia. Because when you don't tell yourself, when someone throws something at you, it stays on you, and no matter how limited our possibilities are, we need to promote our creativity in a way that is limited to these possibilities. "

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