Barcelona is the first club to exceed the $ 1 billion mark in revenue this season



Barcelona have become the first sports club to earn more than one billion euros ($ 1.10 billion) this season.

The Spanish club said in a statement posted on its official website that it achieved revenues of 990 million euros last season, and expected to increase to 1.047 billion euros in the 2019-2020 season.

The club added that the results marked a new record in the world of sports and exceeded expectations after the announcement of the strategic plan approved by the Board of Directors, and expected revenues to reach 1 billion euros in 2021.

The club expected a profit of 11 million euros after tax this season, while the debt is 217.2 million euros.

The club's chief executive, Oscar Grau, said: "The Catalan club have tried to sign Dutch defender Matisse de Licht, who joined Juventus, and has sought to return Neymar from Paris Saint-Germain, but the administration does not want to compromise the financial stability of the club."

The club's calculations revealed that Barcelona are expected to spend 1.007 billion euros this season, an increase of 34 million euros, with a reduction in the value of salaries by 18 million from last season, reducing the proportion to 30 percent.

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