Ban on online sales of Arbaeen flights


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Iran's Minister of Roads and Urban Development has announced that internet ticketing is banned for Arbaeen days and is being heavily affected by coordination with surveillance agencies and the Fatah police.

Iran's Minister of Roads and Urban Development, Mohammad Islami, said at a meeting of the Transport and Logistics Council, "The level of flight services should be such that people use the aircraft more for travel than in the past," Sputnik reported. Addressing the head of the Civil Aviation Authority, he called for the Special Representative of the Iraqi Air Force to prevent or track down and address the problems and incidents of pilgrims and airlines.

The Minister of Roads and Urban Development of Iran also pointed out the need to provide facilities for pilgrims on their return journey and after moving to Kermanshah, Hamedan and Khorramshahr, called for greater coordination between the Railway Company and the Road and Transportation Organization so that pilgrims could use themselves. From the rail transport to their cities of residence.

He added: "Airbus ticket sales have been banned online this year and are being heavily co-ordinated with surveillance devices and fatwa police."

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