Attacker wounded 'wrong' person: Rifle shooter shot upstairs instead of wife


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Pamukkale district of Denizli sitting on the balcony of the woman, was injured as a result of fire opened from the street with a rifle.

Love Neighborhood 1891 Street, the residence of his daughter who went to the house of love Silver (60), the balcony of the house on the second floor in the morning. Sevgi Gümüş, who was injured from the right abdomen and chest as a result of fire opened with a shotgun from the street, collapsed to the floor. 112 Emergency Service and police teams were referred to the scene on notice. He was taken to Pamukkale University Hospital by ambulance.

Initiating the investigation of the incident police, the balcony of the rifle fired silver, 27 LJ 151 plate at the scene from the commercial vehicle Ali K. (67) found that.

In the investigation, Ali K had lived in Kahramanmaraş's Pazardzhik district together with G.K (42). It was learned that Sevgi Gumus was wounded.

Ali K, Çaykar district of Afyonkarahisar was caught with a rifle. Brought to Denizli suspect, was sent to the court after the operations of the Provincial Police Department.

At the entrance to the courthouse, members of the press said, "Why did you do such a thing, do you know who you shot, you shot the wrong woman?" to questions Ali K, "He threatened me, I did not squeeze to hit. I did not squeeze to kill, I squeezed for intimidation." replied.

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