Atome, the young prodigy of the Cameroonian blogosphere, prepares the next generation


Passionate about digital communication and music, the blogger and ex-rapper Alain Youdjeu, known as Atome, has become in a few years one of the most influential actors of the blogosphere in Cameroon. Crowned more than once blogger of the year, he puts all his heart into introducing Cameroonian children to communication on the Web. Portrait.

Behind his eternal adolescent physique and his almost never-ending smile, Alain Youdjeu, better known under the pseudonym of "Atom", is certainly the most prolific Cameroonian blogger of the moment. Through its platform, a Web interface halfway between website and blog, whose mission is to highlight the various actors of the urban culture of Cameroon, the former rapper lives his passion every day, through cultural chronicles.

"Here I am, we are mainly talking about music from Cameroon and Africa. We produce chronicles, analyzes as well as coverage of cultural events. But I also have another platform called, which is more personal to me. I share stories and experiences of my life, but also of my professional activities and often some articles of expertise, "he confides to the Sputnik microphone.

Alain Youdjeu, promoter of the platform

On the web, Alain Youdjeu, 26, single and father of a child, attracts thousands of visitors every day. A success that this fervent lover of the blogosphere attributes, as attested by the figures, not only to the quality, but also to the diversity of content on its various media.

"Today, is pretty well referenced thanks to its content and saves about 30,000 visitors every month. But we have also created variations on social networks, such as "On Joss De Zik", which is a page dedicated to music news on Facebook. Our content and broadcasts reach about 100,000 Internet users every month, "says the e-influencer.
Atom is not content, however, to stay on the Web. The graduate in communication studies from the University of Douala, passionate about music, is also boss of "Voilà Moi Consulting", a start-up based in Douala. Launched in 2017, she specialized, among other things, in the creation of innovative marketing concepts in the fields of digital marketing, development of Web media communities and blogging. Through his young company, he organizes various activities to prepare the succession and promote the blogging with the younger generations, whom he likes to present as one of the most beautiful trades in the world.

                    Photo. Facebook Atom

Alain Youdjeu is leading a blogging training session dedicated to children.

"Since 2017, we organize conferences in which I train in blogging by bringing together professionals of digital communication around themes. This was the case with the Blogging Sessions in 2017, during various workshops organized with the bloggers association. In 2019, I set up the Blog Talk Show event to enable communication professionals to interact with companies, "explains Alain Youdjeu.
An initiative that has boosted the reputation of Voila Moi Consulting's developer and has strengthened its credibility with brands seeking digital solutions. The expertise and influence of the young blogger are now recognized. He is regularly solicited by multiple advertisers for their digital communication campaign. A satisfaction for Atome, who speaks with pride.

"Yes, I can say that I have become an influencer on the Web and I would even say that I make it in our context. As a consultant, I develop innovative marketing strategies that integrate influencer marketing. This is the case with projects such as UCB "Special Community" # MonPari2019 for PMUC and many others, "he explains to Sputnik.

The birth of a passion

In 2010, Alain Youjjeu, a native of Badenkop, in western Cameroon, discovered the world of blogging. At the time, Atome is a young rapper, who writes lyrics on beats and wants to share his passion for music with users around the world. Then one day, at a blogging forum organized in Douala by a famous blogger, Élodie Crescence, Atome immediately sees the opportunity that the blogosphere represents to make itself known and decides to seize it.

"I had my first contact with blogging in 2010 when I was rap. I used the Skyrock platform where a friend, Dickson Kondo, had created a profile (Skyblog, ed.). But it really took place in October 2015, when I participated in the "Bloggers Forum", organized by Élodie Crescence. At that time I wanted to express myself and share with others. So I started in 2016, "recalls Alain Youdjeu.

After a brief stint as a contributor on mondoblog, a blogging platform that brings together French bloggers from around the world, Alain Youdjeu is gaining experience. Therefore, the determination of the beginner blogger will be unparalleled and the rewards, many, will soon be raining.

Sacred "best blog of the year" at the Nuit du Web in 2016 with, Alain Youdjeu will then be designated twice as best French blogger at BDMA (Goodness Digital Media Awards) in 2017 and 2018. Recognitions However, they must not hide the rather gloomy reality of blogging in Cameroon, still subject to many obstacles, believes Atome.

"What prevents blogging from developing in Cameroon is, above all, the lack of professionalism of bloggers, who put the frenzied search for profit before the quality of content. It's also the lack of updates and innovation. There is also the lack of consistency for many of them. Faced with all this, there is the public who is sometimes poorly educated in content consumption and, finally, the difficulty for bloggers to gain the trust of advertisers, who themselves neglect the sector or downplay it outright ", explains the young entrepreneur.

                    Photo. Facebook Atom

Some awards received by Alain Youdjeu.

To circumvent these obstacles on a daily basis, the e-influencer reinvents itself every day. Because, for him, giving the job of blogger more depth and consistency is a sine qua non that must primarily appeal to innovation.

"Today, writing is no longer the only form of content to exploit. And even there, creativity should be in order. Content such as podcast, video, graphics, take more and more space. I think it's mostly the ability to innovate in terms of concepts that will make the particularity and success of a blog. Enough to captivate the audience and tape, "he pokes at the microphone Sputnik.

Faced with poverty and precarious employment, digital offers Cameroonian youth a fabulous space for expression and many opportunities to develop their own business. As the Internet penetration rate and the number of smartphones continue to grow in Africa, young and innovative entrepreneurs, like Alain Youdjeu, have been able to develop digital activities, not only to share their passion, but also to cope with the threat of unemployment. With his desire to train younger generations from an early age, it is hoped that Atom will eventually create a galaxy.

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