"Arrest for Betrayal?": Trump is considering imprisonment by Chief of Intelligence Committee


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US President Donald Trump has called into question the imprisonment of the driving force of the Democrats for impeachment against the head of state, Reuters reports.

Congressman Adam Schiff illegally made a false and dreadful statement that had misrepresented a telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Vladimir Selensky, Trump tweeted on Monday.

"It has no relation to what I said in the phone call," Trump wrote, adding the question, "Arrest for treason?"

Schiff is chairman of the intelligence committee in the Democratic-dominated House of Representatives.

Schiff had said over the phone call between the US president and his Ukrainian colleague that the transcript reads "like a classic blackmail of organized crime."

Democrat MEPs referred to Trump's request that Selenski should be the role of former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter investigate in a Ukrainian corruption case to let. The Democrats accuse Trump of searching for incriminating material against Joe Biden for personal reasons.

Biden will most likely be chosen by the Democrat to be Trump's challenger in the presidential election next year.

Now the Democrats want to the investigation this week push ahead over the phone call.

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