Arreaza affirms that Venezuelan diplomatic mission addresses complaints of xenophobia in Peru


CARACAS (Sputnik) – The Foreign Minister of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, said that his nationals may report to the consular mission in Lima any act of xenophobia suffered in Peru.

"The Venezuelan citizens in Peru have the staff of our diplomatic and consular mission in Lima to attend and process their complaints against discrimination and xenophobia. The Human Rights of our compatriots will be defended with dedication and rigor," said the minister.
A group of Peruvians marched in Tacna, a town in the south of that nation, against the presence of Venezuelan migrants with slogans such as "outside the Venetians" or "Maduro take your trash."
Peruvian media indicated that social networks have spread message chains with false news of robberies perpetrated by Venezuelans, which would incite hatred towards migrants.

"If you do not want to be slaughtered, tortured, kidnapped, stolen, extorted and then buried in a landfill, do not hire Venezuelans. Do not look for your death," says one of the posters that have spread on social networks, and which Venezuelans in Peru They indicate they have been delivered in the streets of Lima and other departments that nation.
The president of the Caribbean nation, Nicolás Maduro, repudiated these actions on Monday and accused the Peruvian president, Martín Vizcarra, of being an accomplice of xenophobia against Venezuelans.
In addition, he asked the Secretary General of the United Nations Organization, Antonio Gutérres, the High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet and the UN Refugee Agency, to approve 200 million dollars to repatriate all Venezuelans to their country.

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