Argentine judge brings to trial the case in which Cristina Kirchner is prosecuted


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BUENOS AIRES (Sputnik) – Argentine federal judge Claudio Bonadío raised the "notebooks" case in which the former president and senator Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (2007-2015) was prosecuted with 170 other people for the alleged existence of a network of bribes during its management.

"Bonadío raised the cause of the notebooks to trial," judicial sources informed by Sputnik.

The eldest son of the ex-applicant, the deputy Máximo Kirchner, was dismissed along with seven other defendants "in order to the crime of unlawful association for which they were investigated in the context of the present case," according to the ruling.
In this file the president is investigated for supposedly heading a network of coimas in exchange for which he directed the public works projects of his Government.
The case has the testimony of 31 repentant, among businessmen and former collaborators of the previous Government, who can avail themselves of this figure created by means of a law in November 2016, during the current administration, to reduce the penalty of defendants who have committed a offense provided they provide relevant information.

The judicial file originated with the statements of the wife of driver Oscar Centeno, who worked for Roberto Baratta, a close associate of Julio De Vido, former Minister of Planning, both detained in other cases.
Rye settled in schoolbooks the logbook of the trips he made for Baratta, which included details about the exchange of suitcases and bags with money between prominent Argentine businessmen and officials of the Fernández administrations and the late former president Nestor Kirchner (2003-2007 ).
Of those notebooks only photocopies have been found and the driver says he burned the originals.

About twenty businessmen declared as repentant and acknowledged that they paid bribes to get public works contracts during the three administrations.

As an instructor of the case, Judge Bonadío prosecuted Cristina Fernández with preventive detention for the crime of unlawful association as head, for admission of gifts and for passive bribery.
His request for lawlessness, which was also promoted in other cases that the judge has against the current senator, is not carried out because the former ex-State has immunity as a legislator, and the Upper House, with an opposition majority, has expressed her refusal to Treat the withdrawal of fueros.
On December 20, a second instance court confirmed the pretrial detention for Fernández de Kirchner for being the presumed responsible for a bribe network set up between the State and the main companies in the country.

Cristina Fernández is being tried in another case that investigates the alleged irregularities that were committed during her administration in the province of Santa Cruz (south) at the time of granting public works projects.

The current legislator will present herself as a candidate for vice president in a formula led by her former cabinet chief Alberto Fernández in the general elections from October 27.

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