Among them Salman and Mohammed … the most common birth names in Saudi Arabia


The Ministry of the Interior Ministry for Civil Status revealed the most registered names of births during the last Hijri year 1440 AH.

Saudi civil status through its official account "Twitter" today, said that the ten most common names among male births are "Salman, Mohammed, Abdullah, Abdul Aziz, Fahd, Ali, Khalid, Abdul Rahman, Faisal and Saud."

While the most common names among female births in the Kingdom are "Hur and entity and luxury and the king of Ward and rich and Nora and Sahab and Sarah Joud."

Saudi Arabia bans the use of 50 names of newborns in the country because of its conflict with social or religious customs or because it is foreign.

Among these banned names are Abdul Rasoul, Abdel Nasser, Abdel Nabi, Abdel Ati, Jibril, Queen, Kingdom, Melkettina, Iman, Bayan, Laurent, Kingdom, HH, Amir, Laren, Kabrial, Lauren, Benjamin, Naris, Yara, Sitaf.

In May, the Saudi Ministry of Health issued a report saying that the number of births in Saudi Arabia amounted to 587,160 births during the last year 2018, an average of 1608 births per day, a decrease of about 2.14 per cent compared to 2017, which reached 600 thousand births, according to newspaper "Economic" Saudi Arabia.

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