AK Party Steel, proposed to change the rate of 50 + 1 per cent required to be elected president


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Former Minister of Labor and Social Security Faruk Celik, presidential election instead of 50 per cent + 1 percent, 40 percent in the first round proposed to be elected president.

AK Party governments, Ministry of Labor and Social Security and Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry Faruk Celik, made statements about the new system.
Celik, one of the founders of the party, proposed changing the 50 + 1 percent required to be elected president. Steel, "and over 40 percent of votes in the first round the area you selected. Turkey exhausts the 50 percent + 1 formula," he said.
Independent Turkish, according to the news Steel, "4-6 October, there is a meeting in Kizilcahamam'da. Me came to the invitation, I will go. All other friends also came. Currently the party came to the invitation of friends. Gelsinler, 300 they should say everything in front of the deputies.

Steel, said the words were transferred incorrectly. Calling the camp of those who resigned from the party Kizilcahamam said that there is no such situation, Steel, the AK Party, continuing political life, but with different thoughts about the management of the names, Kizilcahamam'daki should participate in the camp on October 4-5-6 said to direct criticism.


Steel also used the following statements:
"The AK Party is the party of those who give power to the authority, not to those who receive power from the office. If there is a lack of this, we need to eliminate it.
Regarding rejuvenation in the management levels of the party, Çelik said:

Today, a process of rejuvenation entered, "Let's continue with the new friends in politics," he said. We have seen very clearly that the dynamism of the young dynamism without integration, without the memory of the rich dynamism was also very clearly seen. On the one hand, experience and on the other hand, the dynamism of the young should be integrated. Otherwise, there is no opportunity to reach the destination by a short way.

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