After failing in Saudi Arabia … Arab state refuses to buy "Patriot" for "S400"


Iraqi MP for the "Sadikon" parliamentary bloc, Fadel al-Fatlawi, on the rejection of Iraq many American offers to buy the system "Patriot" American air defense.

At the same time, Fatlawi pointed to Baghdad's progress in negotiating with Moscow on the purchase of the system "S400" sophisticated.
Al-Fatlawi told the newspaper "Baghdad today" that the national security adviser Faleh Fayyad, during his visit to the Committee on Security and Defense of Parliament not long ago, confirmed that he would lead a high-level delegation to resolve the ongoing negotiations with Russia on the purchase of advanced air defense system "S400".

"Iraq rejected many American offers to buy the Patriot system, because it proved its failure in Saudi Arabia and other countries."

Since Hashd headquarters and weapons depots in the past two months have been attacked, political blocs and lawmakers have called on the government to strengthen and develop Iraq's air defense system, with military experts emphasizing the "weakness" of the current system and its need for development.

"S400" is the Russian competitor of the US "Patriot" system, and is dedicated to repel ballistic missiles and warplanes and drones, and its radar covers a radius of 600 kilometers, and can monitor 300 targets simultaneously, and is ready to go within a period of 10 seconds to target more than 30 goals once.

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