A surfer about to be attacked by a shark is alerted by a drone – video


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A carefree surfer waiting for a wave was alerted by a drone of the presence of a shark who approached it in Australia. The video was posted on Twitter afterwards.

In Australia, a surfer waiting for a wave did not realize he had a dangerous neighbor, says Christopher Joye, the amateur drone pilot who alerted the man about the presence of the shark who approached him. . He posted on Twitter a video of this unusual scene that took place on September 15th.

On the sequence, we see a shark swimming towards the carefree surfer, waiting for the wave off the beach at Werri Beach.

"Today at Werri Beach this huge shark was getting closer to a surfer and I used the speaker system of my drone to alert him. Watch him take a look up at the drone, then spin to avoid the shark getting closer, "he wrote.

Then the film shows the predator leaving the scene, disappearing into the depths of the ocean.

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