A police officer of the BAC dragged on several meters by an alcoholic driver


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A drunk driver injured a police officer in the anti-crime squad after he refused to obey. Sentenced to ten months of suspended sentence, he was confiscated his vehicle.

A man under the influence of alcohol driving his Audi Q5 engaged in a violent confrontation with police officers of the anti-crime brigade (BAC) in Tours, Indre-et-Loire, before being arrested, report the French media.
According to The New Republic, the driver entered a car without knowing that the BAC was on board and made a finger of honor.
They then turned on their beacon and signaled him to stop. However, the driver of the Audi preferred to flee, slaloming between cars before being stuck behind a bus.

The police got out of their car to approach his, but the driver suddenly dislodged, taking with him a member of the BAC he dragged several meters, before being stopped on the boulevard Heurteloup.

Ten months in prison suspended, vehicle confiscated

The man had a blood alcohol level of nearly 2 g / L. Because of his "depressive state" mentioned in court, the defendant was sentenced to ten months suspended sentence for "refusal to comply aggravated, rebellion, contempt and driving under the influence of an alcoholic state".

The police officer was issued 1 day of total incapacity for work (ITT) and must be compensated by the driver, whose driver's license was canceled and the vehicle confiscated.

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