A father fires a dozen times on the house where his three-year-old daughter lives in Dordogne


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A man fired repeatedly on the house where his three-year-old daughter and her ex-companion were on Saturday, September 28, in Dordogne. The perpetrator wanted to pick up the child for the weekend, but the mother refused, telling him it was not his turn.

After being denied custody of his daughter for the weekend, an unhappy man opened fire on Saturday, September 28 on the building where his ex-companion and his three-year-old daughter were, in Lamothe-Montravel in the Dordogne , relates France Blue.

Around 8:30 pm, a 25-year-old man joined his ex-girlfriend by phone to tell him that he was coming to get his daughter, the Bergerac public prosecutor said. The woman retaliated that it was not his weekend guard.

A dozen balls

Shortly after, the man came to the house in question, accompanied by a friend, and fired a dozen times on the facade and on the car of the new companion of his ex-companion, who was also present .

Several bullets penetrated through the windows and the front door, said the floor. At the time of the accident, a fourth person, the mother of the shooter's ex-companion, was also in the dwelling.

A wounded man

As soon as the gunshots exploded, the new companion tried to flee, but he was injured as he passed through the vineyards. According to France Bleu, they were issued 10 days of ITT (total incapacity for work). The woman managed to leave the house to take refuge with her daughter at a neighbor's house.

Arrival at the scene, the police discovered eight casings.

The judgment is in progress

The gunman and the man who was with him managed to flee home. They were arrested the next day and placed in custody. France Bleu specifies that men are already known to justice for various misdeeds. The judgment was to be rendered this September 30 by the Criminal Court of Bergerac.

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