A crime against innocence … Children victims of relatives' violence in Egypt


The Egyptian girl spent seven full days in a paradise in which doctors tried, the Egyptians prayed for her, and launched social media campaigns to support her, but she finally gave up and gave up her soul to her Lord on Saturday morning, September 28.

The photos that were circulated on social media sites shocked everyone, a girl under five years old, lying on a hospital bed and surrounded by medical devices from all sides, what did this to her? And why? And how? Many questions have raised the most important and dangerous issue known as "violence against children."
Official figures, according to the National Council for Childhood, speak of receiving reports of violence against more than 11,000 cases in the first ten months of 2019, including the child Paradise.

What is the story of Heaven?

The story began by posting a picture of a girl lying on a bed in a hospital in the governorate of Dakahlia, (northeast of Cairo), and then spread the picture widely on social networking sites, until some of its features unfolded, to write in the press in Egypt that the people of the village of Karat al-Din in Dakahlia heard the screaming of a child Hysterically inside her home, after they entered her were surprised by the signs of torture on her body, and took her to the hospital.

The surprise was that the child was the victim of a torture by her grandmother and that she (Janna) was in danger, revealing that she was not the only victim, as her six-year-old sister, Amani, is also in a hospital and suffers almost the same torture, but to a lesser extent. ugliness.

After a paradise was taken to hospital, she was still fighting for death, but she was eventually defeated and died, while her sister was being treated in a hospital.

Shock in medical report

The medical report of the girl, Janna, revealed the nature of the injuries suffered by the child, the description came painful and painful, as it stated that the girl suffered a stroke in the lower limb, abrasions and assault on the back and abdomen, and as a result of a broken leg that did not treat him, she suffered gangrene that led to the need for amputation of the foot.

The report of the forensic report on the death of the Commission that "by moving to the morgue of Mansoura International Hospital to examine the body of the victim showed that the cause of death burns in the body led to the shock of blood poisoning and a sharp decline in blood circulation and respiratory and death."

The forensic doctors proved that her sister suffered first-degree and second-degree burns in places of chastity and bruises in different parts of her body as a result of being beaten with hard materials. The grandmother admitted to beating and burning them using hard tools allegedly raised.

Relatives accused of torturing children

Sabri Othman, general manager of the Child Helpline at the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood in Egypt, told Sputnik that from 1 January to the end of September, the child helpline had received 11,924 complaints of violence against children, including 4,240 reports of violence. 35% of them, including 2793 reports of violence in the family, which means that the child was subjected to violence from family members.

The Public Prosecutor ordered the grandmother to be sent to the criminal court urgently. For sexual assault by their uncle.

National Childhood Committee: Torture Committee commits murder attempt

Sabri Othman, director-general of the Child Helpline at the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood in Egypt, said that the line received a complaint on September 24, against the child Janna, aged over five years through social networking sites, and transferred to the central hospital in the governorate, and then to Mansoura International Hospital.

He told Sputnik, the child was suffering from torture and burns in sensitive areas of the body, and injuries to the left foot led to amputation, and then died after the deterioration of her health.

Othman pointed out that the Council informed the Public Prosecution of the investigation as "an attempted murder."

He stressed that the National Childhood seeks by all means not to repeat the incident again with her sister Amani, and that the General Committee in Dakahlia Governorate and the Sub-Committee conducted a research for the families of the mother and father, where the report stressed that the families of "mother and father" is not suitable for the survival of the girl child Amani have, and that according to the law 99 bis of the Children's Act, we requested that she be placed in a parish, and at the request of the Public Prosecution issued her decision to place the child as a parish.
Torture of children in Egypt is not a phenomenon
According to the 2014 Health Population Survey conducted by the Egyptian Ministry of Health, 93% of children in Egypt were subjected to violent methods of behavior control by their parents or caregivers, including psychological and physical violence, and 78% of boys. In the poorest level of the Wealth Index, 79% were subjected to physical discipline, compared to 71% of children in the richest.

Osman believes that despite the figures that speak of violence against children in Egypt, they are not a phenomenon in Egypt and represent individual cases.

"Unfortunately, among the incidents of violence against children are sexual violence, boys and girls who are subjected to rape among family members. The Council stressed the need to strengthen supervision and punishment."

Socio-professor Dr. Said Saleh said that crimes of domestic violence are widespread in all societies, often as a result of the economic and social conditions experienced by these people.

Sadiq, in an interview with the portal "Al-Ahram", "the criminal emanating from poverty and ignorance and psychological problems in children, and there are many ugly issues are unknown, due to the culture of shame, which prevents some from reporting such crimes."

What are the main provinces where violence against children is widespread?

In 2005, the National Council for Motherhood and Childhood launched the “Child Helpline” to save children from all forms and forms of violence against them, a free line that provides service nationwide through cooperation between the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood and governor's offices and providing services to 29 governorates. The role of civil society "NGOs" through the cooperation of NGOs with the help line.

In a UNICEF study, two-thirds of children aged 13 to 17 in Cairo, Alexandria and Assiut were subjected to physical violence, 78% of all children were victims of psychological violence, and adults often considered violence acceptable as a means of education, and 50% of parents considered it. 35% of teachers are important in some situations.

The study pointed out that the high number of female victims of FGM as violence is 94% in Assiut, 65% in Cairo and 39% in Alexandria.

Sabri Othman, General Manager of Child Helpline, asserts that the highest rates of violence against children are concentrated in "Cairo – Giza – Alexandria – Sharkia – Assiut – Fayoum" where some of them are prevalent in child marriage, female circumcision and violence related to sexual and physical abuse.

What are the procedures followed after the reports?

The Council provides legal services through the open lines and the network of lawyers in all governorates, and provides counseling and psychological support, and intervenes in a preventive manner through awareness with families to hold workshops and seminars in all governorates and cities.

Lawyer Dina al-Muqadam says that the case of Jana's torture, like many cases that turn into a case of beatings and misdemeanors, may not exceed three years, if the beating causes a permanent disability up to five years, and that in the case of death, the penalty may be up to Life imprisonment.

She told Sputnik that Egypt was one of the first countries to ratify the 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child.

She referred to article 19 of the Universal Covenant on the Rights of the Child, which provided that States parties should take all appropriate legislative, administrative and social measures to protect children from all forms of violence, harm or physical abuse, including sexual abuse, in the care of a legal guardian or guardian.

She pointed out that some laws may not be applied due to the use of emotions rather than the law, and that many children are subjected to torture and violence without parents receiving the punishment deserved.

She stressed the need for the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood and Child Surveillance to monitor child care on a regular basis, restore the role of the social worker in the school, and the formation of psychological rehabilitation bodies in schools and universities, as well as re-formulation of the difference between customs and traditions and the implementation of the law, to protect our children from the increasing violence towards them.

Article 93 of the Child Act No. 12 of 1996, as amended by Act No. 126 of 2008, states that torture of a child is not a statute of limitations, and that the father and mother who torture and beat their children are subject to legal accountability and even severe punishment for being responsible and entrusted to their children. They offended that authority.

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