5 hours of waiting in kilometer rows to celebrate 25 years of Friends in Argentina


Lovers of the most famous sitcom in the history of TV won an unexpected anniversary gift for the 25 years of Friends. Warner Café is a free exhibition in Buenos Aires with classic scenarios to remember the best moments of the six inseparable friends who made millions of people laugh around the world.

Gigantic rows and more than five hours of waiting. This is how it looked on the outskirts of the Warner channel themed coffee shop about its iconic Friends series. The American television program that had 10 successful seasons between 1994 and 2004 celebrates 25 years of the broadcast of its first chapter this Sunday, September 22. The open space for only four days caused rage among fans of Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Monica, Joey and Phoebe.

                    Sputnik / Francisco Lucotti

Entrance of the Warner Café, which celebrates the 25th anniversary of Friends

"The whole series must have seen her at least six times," the fan Ana told Sputnik. Dressed in hand-painted shirts for the occasion, Ana and Edward arrived at 9:00 in the morning to line up, despite that space would open its doors only at noon. Is that the previous afternoon could not enter. They returned early the next day and, after waiting hours, they succeeded.

                    Sputnik / Francisco Lucotti

Ana and Edward, happy after leaving the tour

It all starts in the "Central Perk" cafeteria with the now legendary orange sofa where Ross, Chandler, Monica and Joey sat while Rachel served intimate coffees and Phoebe played the guitar and sang her stinging songs about stinky cats.

With a little help from creativity, visitors enter that New York microcosm where references to unforgettable scenes, written phrases that are already recorded in memory and some essential objects of that television imaginary are the trigger for laughter and a good dose of selfies.
"I started watching the series when it started broadcasting and I became a fan, to the point that I recorded the TV chapters on VHS, when there were marathons on the cable, and labeled them to identify them," María Eugenia recalled in dialogue with Sputnik , accompanied by his son Baptist, who was infected with fanaticism and wearing a diver with the photo of the characters.

                    Sputnik / Francisco Lucotti

María Eugenia and her son Bautista, both sitcom fans

In addition to the theme coffee, the attraction has space where fans can film themselves singing and dancing to the rhythm of "I'll Be There For You", the song of the presentation, on a green background on which the image of the famous fountain in which the six friends bathe during the ten seasons. Activity participants could receive the video on their phones.

                    Sputnik / Francisco Lucotti

Hundreds of fans came to know the Warner Café

As a final scenario is the corridor that divided the departments where Monica and Rachel and Chandler and Joey lived, which can be accessed in a similar replica that does not lack the duck and the chicken they had as pets, television and their recliner and even the turkey with glasses of that Thanksgiving chapter so remembered.

"I think we identify a lot because the Argentine is very friendly, very much to get together in bars or at home to hang out, which is what the series is about. Beyond the time that passed, I think the kind of humor and several jokes are timeless, he is also relatively innocent and well suited to all audiences, "said Lucas, 35, who also spoke with Sputnik. A fan of the series, he claims to know many of the memory dialogues and still laughs.

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