4 signs distinguish the weak man


Women in the 21st century have become stronger and more independent, while men tend to become weak. But it is not the circumstances of life that make men vulnerable, not the social environment; it is a personal choice between being the victim or not.

To find out if a man is weak, follow the highlights that show the man is weak.

First, a man without power has the advantage of not accepting criticism even if it is constructiveAt the same time, he speaks of others and likes to betray them.

Second, A weak man never asks for help, And he thinks working in a team means being weak. He has no true friends, often spends time alone, has no social sense and is not eager to start a family.

The third sign, is laziness. A weak man never thinks about others, and never seeks to improve his life. Indifferent behavior accompanies him throughout his life, has no goals and ambitions, and does not dream of more comfortable living conditions. These men often have health problems, especially obesity, and problems with relationships with the opposite sex.

The fourth sign is Cheese. A weak man never risks, rarely changes his environment, and is afraid to leave his comfort zone. Distrust, suspicion and a sense of fear eat these people from within.

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