30 couples at a time say "yes": a Dagestan wedding beats two world records


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It is in the presence of more than 10,000 guests that 30 couples, from the 16 main ethnic groups of the Caucasian Russian Republic of Dagestan, were married at the same time in Derbent, thus registering two world records.

A Dagestan wedding celebrated in the city of Derbent on the Caspian coast has managed to beat two world records at a time, the local press reported.

The ceremony now features in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest multiethnic wedding and wedding with the greatest number of guests.

"This is a new stage in the development of our city and we must thank the head of the Republic of Dagestan, Vladimir Vasiliev, and the member of the Council of the Federation (upper house of the Russian Parliament, Ed), Sulayman Kerimov" said the mayor of Derbent, Khizri Abakarov, the initiator of this ceremony.

On foot, by car or by hot air balloon

Thus, under loud applause, 30 couples from the 16 main ethnic groups of Dagestan were married at the same time, in the presence of more than 10,000 guests.

The youngest were only 19 years old, when a couple decided to celebrate as "young" married … its 60th anniversary of life together. In addition, two lovebirds have chosen to join the hot air balloon festival.

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